Styrian Well-Being Builder Apartments/ /Provision Apartments. Only 2 tops available !!!

8552 Eibiswald


Styrian well-being Eibiswald is a market in the southern Styrian border area between the Slovenian Štajerska and the Koralm with the border to Carinthia. The municipality has an intact and lively center and a surrounding area characterized by viticulture with a mild climate and friendly neighborhood. A suburban train connects the village with the provincial capital Graz and the educational center Deutschlandsberg. Sports, cultural and leisure activities are attractive for all age groups.

The Investment

Apartment allocation
Your investment concerns a specific apartment, which you can use yourself at a later date.

Inflation protection .

Value appreciation and rent adjustment of your residential property serve to protect the value of your assets.

Subsidy .

The project fulfills the legally regulated conditions of the province of Styria, the production costs can be written off at an accelerated rate.

The personal registration in the land register secures your direct residential property.

Comprehensive investor service
We organize financing, construction, renting, administration and tax service for you.

The object
Historical building
In the building there will be 14 apartments
between 42 and 90m2.

Optimal location for renting
The building is located in the low-traffic station district, surrounded by cafes, restaurants and service businesses.

Ideal floor plans
Different apartment sizes and optimal room layouts meet living and leisure needs.

In the course of the general renovation
to new building standards, environmentally friendly
In the southern Styrian municipality, a builder's model is being created in a historic building gem that can also be used as a vacation or second home.

Energy Performance Certificate

Map location


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