8334 Riegersburg


This sunny plot, which offers a beautiful view (eg on the Riegersburg),
is perfect for a developer project.

It is located in Lödersdorf, a small community in the south-east of Styria
near Feldbach. The town is located about 41 km east of Graz and about 5 km east of the district capital
Feldbach in the Eastern Styrian hill country.

All connections at the basic limit.

- Elementary school, doctor, food: 1 km
- Supermarket, hardware store, etc .: about 5 km
- 4 spas within 15 - 30 km
(Blumau, Loipersdorf, Bad Gleichenberg, Radkersburg)

Public transport:
- Lödersdorf can be reached via the Styrian Eastern Railway from Graz, Gleisdorf and Szentgotthard.
- In Lödersdorf hold S-Bahn, regional, and regional express trains.
- The journey time to Graz is between 55 and 75 minutes.
- The nearest major stations are in Feldbach and Fehring.

Cost of purchasing
- Real estate transfer tax 3.5%
- Land registration fee: 1,1%
- Agency commission: 3.6% (including VAT)
- Costs of the purchase contract

Map location


  • 2522 Oberwaltersdorf

Single-family house in Eichgraben

  • 3032 Eichgraben
Single-family house in Eichgraben

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