Free property appraisal: calculate house and apartment value

With Austria Real's online real estate appraisal, you receive an uncomplicated and free initial valuation of your property. 

Real estate valuation with the Austria Real online real estate appraisal

Would you like to have your property appraised? Then you have come to the right place with our online property appraisal to find out the realistic market or market value of your property. Austria Real GmbH uses artificial intelligence in the form of big data, machine learning and algorithms to calculate forecasts. The calculation of the property value is therefore based on average data that are valid for the location and condition of your property. With the help of the online real estate appraisal, you can get a good estimate of the real estate value.

Benefit 1

Realistic assessment of the market value

Benefit 2

Accurate real estate valuation through artificial intelligence

Benefit 3

Have your property valued online for free

When is a property appraisal needed?

As soon as the sale of a property comes into question, a property appraisal should always be the first step, for example to have your house or apartment appraised. It should be noted that numerous factors play a major role in determining the market value. The online real estate appraiser from Austria Real GmbH offers you help and orientation so that you don't forget anything when evaluating your property and receive a good initial assessment.

How much does it cost to valuate a real estate property?

Austria Real GmbH's online property appraisal is an online service that we make available to you free of charge. In order to be able to determine the value of your property completely and more precisely, additional personal valuation on site would in any case be advisable. Our experts will then be happy to help you with their well-founded and extensive expertise in the valuation of your property and subsequently in the further planning and implementation of your property sale.

Which factors determine the real estate market value?

There are a few factors that should be considered when evaluating a property. If you want to have your apartment valued, the following aspects must be considered: living space, year of construction, number of rooms, condition, number of bathrooms, garage- yes / no, outdoor parking spaces-yes / no, and location among others. If you want to have your house appraised, the value depends primarily on: living space, property area, year of construction, number of rooms, condition, number of bathrooms, garage- yes / no, outdoor parking spaces- yes / no, location. 


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