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Austria Real - the broker for your hotel & health real estate you can trust!

At Austria Real, we specialize in goal-oriented marketing for your hotel and health property. Through our extensive client database, network of offices, and industry expertise, we have the ability to directly reach out to potential buyers and hotel operating and managemnet companies ensuring a swift and efficient process. As hotel brokers, we employ a sophisticated strategy with meticulous attention to detail.

As a standard practice, we present you with multiple prospective buyers for your hotel property. Whether you have a medium-sized private hotel, a bed and breakfast, a large conference hotel, a wellness retreat, a chain hotel, a health resort, care home or a rehabilitation clinic, we are your trusted partner throughout the entire sales process. We provide comprehensive support and guidance at every step, ensuring a seamless transaction.


Benefit 1

Extensive marketing and efficient sale of your hotel property

Benefit 2

We take care of the entire preparation and follow-up of the sale of your hotel

Benefit 3

Our international network drives the sale of your hotel property

As an experienced broker for hotels and care properties, we guarantee you our best support

Hotels and health care properties have long been recognized as highly lucrative real estate investments. While conventional brokers typically focus on spatial dimensions such as layout and square footage, Austria Real Ltd delves much deeper into the subject.

As specialized hotel brokers, Austria Real has extensive knowledge and experience in the hotel industry, accumulated over the past 20 years. Our unparalleled market expertise, coupled with a unique network and comprehensive information about the hotel real estate market, sets us apart. We are eager to share this valuable knowledge with you. Our team of brokers reflects our passion and dedication, consistently delivering successful outcomes in hotel property transactions.

With our professional expertise in hotel an care real estate sales, you can rely on Austria Real as your trusted partner—your go-to hotel broker for all types of properties, from holiday & health resorts to city hotels.

Hotel and care properties broker throughout Austria with an international network

Austria boasts a wide array of exceptional hotel and  care properties that, with our assistance as brokers, will find the perfect buyer. Our extensive international network provides added flexibility in hotel and care propeties sales. Austria Real maintains connections with hotel and heakth cares investors in various regions, including Eastern Europe and Asia.

This global network allows us to present you with unique opportunities when marketing your hotel and care property. We understand the importance of looking beyond the national economy and, as experienced brokers, we expand the reach and financial resources available for your hotel and health care peoprty.



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