Welcome to Austria Real GmbH – Your Expert for Hotel Property Valuation!

Our team of experienced experts focuses on hotels, leisure facilities, and tourist properties in the class from budget to luxury objects. Through our access to extensive sales data, our specialists are able to accurately assess both the operational performance and the comparative value of the property. The result? Well-researched and substantiated valuation reports as well as consulting services.

Calculate the Value of Your Hotel

With us, you have the opportunity to have your hotel property evaluated, whether through a material value, earning value, or comparative value assessment. In doing so, we consider a variety of factors that influence the market value.

What Factors Determine the Market Value of a Hotel Property?

In evaluating your hotel, we consider aspects such as average occupancy, number of rooms, area, year of construction, condition, location, revenue, and profit. Our professionals bring extensive experience in the evaluation of hotels and other tourist facilities. Whether it's individual properties or international portfolios, Austria Real offers independent assessments of the market value.

Our Range of Services Includes:

  • Assessment of hotel facilities and tourist establishments

  • Feasibility studies for new hotels, conversions, and existing operations

  • Analysis and evaluation of the financial statements of operating or hotel ownership companies

In the areas of auditing and tax consulting for hotel transactions, we are pleased to collaborate with an authority on real estate taxation, Stingl – Top Audit Steuerberatung GmbH & Co KG.

For a customized offer or to discuss questions about property valuation in the hospitality and tourism sector, please contact us by email at info@austriareal.com or by phone at +43 1 2632 555.