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The best strategy for your property sale

The process of selling a house, an apartment and other types of real estate raises big questions. How much is the property I want to sell worth? What is the procedure like when selling real estate? What do you have to pay particular attention to? Should I renovate before selling my house or apartment?

Austria Real Ltd is here to provide all the answers to your questions and serve as your reliable partner, supporting you with an optimal sales strategy. Our aim is to ensure that you don't miss any crucial steps when selling your property and to help you achieve the best possible price.




Get the most out of your property sales with Austria Real

Whether you intend to sell an apartment, a castle, a luxury property, a condominium, a piece of land, or an apartment building, Austria Real is your ultimate contact for property sales. We excel in developing tailored strategies in collaboration with you, considering the potential uses of your property during the planning phase. This approach enables us to calculate the optimal price for your property.

Furthermore, Austria Real Ltd possesses exceptional expertise in dealing with complex, mixed-use properties during the real estate selling process. An example of this would be if your property is part of a company, such as a hotel.


Benefit from international customers when selling your property

If you are considering investing in a builder model or embarking on a property development project, we are well-equipped to provide you with the best advice. Property development calculations across Austria are also among our services. Moreover, our company boasts a robust international network. When it comes to international real estate transactions, including the sale of your apartment or house, you have come to the right place. We have established connections with interested parties from various countries, such as Russia and China, thereby expanding the pool of potential buyers for your property.


In addition to German and English, our team is proficient in Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, French, and Chinese. This enables us to effectively represent you and communicate with clients in these languages.


Benefit 1

Real estate evaluation free of charge

Benefit 2

Payment only after successful transaction

Benefit 3

Internationally networked

Our services in real estate sales

As a customer selling your property with Austria Real Ltd, you can expect comprehensive support throughout every stage of the property sale process. We are committed to actively assisting you at every step.

Choosing a sole brokerage contract can be advantageous for you as a property owner because it ensures exclusivity. Advertising your property on the internet through multiple brokers can result in a loss of exclusivity, which may impact the overall marketing strategy.

Our agency commission is only due upon the successful sale of the property. According to the law, the commission amounts to 3.6 percent, including VAT, based on the purchase price. For hotel properties, castles, apartment buildings, and commercial properties, the commission can reach a level of 7.2 percent.


Benefit 1

12 motivated employees in 5 federal states: Vienna, Lower Austria, Carinthia, Tyrol, Styria

Benefit 2

Response time of a maximum of 24 hours

Benefit 3

Extensive and competent advice

Benefit 4

Commission only after the successful transaction

How we work in real estate sales

Selling real estate involves numerous extensive and often confusing requirements for sellers. At Austria Real Ltd, we understand these challenges, which is why we offer our expertise across all federal states in Austria. With a dedicated team of 10 specialists, we are here to assist you with any type of property sale. Our comprehensive services include personalized viewings, a real estate portfolio, and professional support in managing essential tasks such as utility re-registration for electricity, gas, water, and more


  • Step 1: Through a detailed conversation, either by phone or face to face, we will thoroughly and extensively discuss your concerns and guide you through the entire process of selling your real estate. We prioritize complete cost transparency right from the beginning, ensuring you have a clear understanding of all expenses involved.


  • Step 2: Our team of specialists will provide dedicated support in accurately valuing your property. We will furnish you with all the relevant data, information, and documents pertaining to your property, along with expert advice. Additionally, we will address any potential issues that may arise during the process of selling your real estate.


  • Step 3: Our network enables us to search for potential buyers for your property, both within the federal states and internationally. Our goal is to facilitate a prompt sale of your property. Moreover, we provide you with legal protection as a broker, backed by simultaneous financial loss liability insurance. This ensures that you have peace of mind throughout the entire selling process.

  • Step 4: Austria Real Ltd guarantees a proper and legally sound sale of your property, offering comprehensive legal advice and detailed information on the purchase contract. With us as your trusted partner, you can be confident in achieving the maximum price for your property. At Austria Real Ltd, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations

Satisfied customers after your property sale

Read reviews of our former customers and their experiences with the process of real estate sales here.

  • After a tedious and complex search in the Corona years 2020-2021, we have finally found a dream castle for ourselves in Bad Vöslau, thanks to Ms. Salagaeva from Austria Real. We are the proud new owners of the so-called "Schlumberger Schlössl", which we have acquired through their personal advice and expertise. You can tell Ms. Salagaeva’s love of the job immediately. So far the best real estate agent who has looked after us!
    Happy owners of "Villa Weinfried"
  • I approached several real estate agents and even commissioned 2 with the sale of my apartment in Vienna's 13th district, unfortunately without success. Thanks to a recommendation from my work colleague, I contacted Austria Real. The broker Mr. Möstl was reliable and was able to answer all my questions, so that I then had my property sold through him or Austria Real. Everything went smoothly and overall I am very satisfied with the professional process! Thanks very much!
    Kind regards,Mag. M. Krauss
  • I wanted to buy a single-family house in Styria, but I didn't know whether I would find the right one. Austria Real answered my request very quickly and a friendly, warm and humorous broker took the time to listen to my request. As a result, she soon found the right property. My experience was extremely positive, thanks to wonderful and competent support.
    Willi-John family



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