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Bauherrenmodell ZWEI - The best of two worlds

The BauherrenmodellZWEI represents a special form. This innovative investment solution combines the advantages of a builder-owner model with those of an income-generating apartment. After completion of the property, the investor is registered with his parified apartment in the land register. However, the investor can still take advantage of the tax optimization options, the subsidies and the rental pool.

The special feature of builder-owner models for cash investors is that
that the rental income is not only kept tax-neutral due to the shortened depreciation (1/15-AfA)
tax-neutral, but the investor can also offset any additional
losses can be offset against his taxable income.
against his taxable income. The consequence is in the first 15 years an approx. 100% higher net income
net income in comparison with normal depreciation (1/67 depreciation).

Affordable housing is created through the construction of builder-owner models. The use of subsidies
requires that rents are subject to a cap. Thus, the builder-owner model is not only advantageous for investors
but also for people looking for housing and the public sector. The builder-owner model is a very successful
successful PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.

OVERVIEW - Investment Facts & Figures
Reduction of tax burden

Immediate write-off of advertising costs 
Risk minimization
through rent pool
Reduction of income tax over 15 years
Accelerated depreciation 
Immediate tax-free rental income
for cash variant
independent of personal income 
Time saving
through professional real estate management

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