Single Family House in Southeast Styria

8330 Feldbach


Note in accordance with the Energy Performance Certificate Act: An energy performance certificate has not yet been submitted by the owner or seller after we have informed them of the general obligation to submit energy performance certificates, which will apply from 1.12.2012, and the request for its preparation. Therefore, at least an overall energy efficiency corresponding to the age and type of building is considered agreed. We do not assume any warranty or liability for the actual energy efficiency of the offered property.

Room layout ( in brackets the square meters )

Basement: double garage (31),utility room(16),boiler room(18),oil storage room(8),ground cellar(7),storage room(18),shelter(13),staircase(8) and anteroom(14)

First floor: checkroom(7),anteroom(15),staircase(8)bathroom(7),toilet(2),bedroom(15),study(11),living room(29),kitchen with dining area(20)                           

1st floor: staircase(8), anteroom(7),room east(15), room southeast(23), room south(17), room west(39), storeroom(7),toilet(2)

The floors are mostly wooden floors or tiles. There is a 2nd heating boiler for solid fuel. There is a solar system for hot water. In the living room there is a tiled stove, which also heats the dining kitchen and can be heated from the anteroom.


  • parquet
  • tiles
  • oil
  • fitted kitchen
  • bathroom with window
  • bathtub
  • shower
  • garage
  • storage room
  • separate toilets
  • toilets
  • panoramic view

Energy Performance Certificate

  • Annual thermal energy index 74 kWh/m2a
  • Energy efficiency rating 1.16

Map location


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