Jewel in the Heart Of Vienna

1010 Wien, Schottenring 31 / 9


Welcome to this exceptional old building apartment in the heart of Vienna! This unique living opportunity offers you a combination of historic charm and modern comfort. As soon as you enter the apartment, you will be delighted by the light-flooded rooms and the impressive ceiling height. The generous ceilings give the apartment an airy and spacious ambiance that invites you to relax and feel at home.

The stained windows reveal this apartment's attention to detail - it was renovated from the ground up with real passion and the utmost effort. The generously proportioned fenestration not only allows for optimal light penetration, but also gives the rooms a unique character. The warm, natural light that streams through the large windows creates a pleasant atmosphere and creates a connection to the historic architecture.

The comprehensive renovation, also includes a new floor construction with numerous modern amenities. During this renovation, great emphasis was placed on comfort, soundproofing and technological features to provide you with a contemporary and luxurious living experience.

The new floor construction was carefully planned to meet the highest standards. A high-quality impact sound insulation has been integrated to minimize annoying noises and provide you with a quiet and relaxed living environment. The impact sound insulation effectively dampens impact noise and ensures that you and your neighbors can live undisturbed.

Another highlight of this renovation is the underfloor heating. This modern heating method not only provides you with comfortable warmth, but also even distribution throughout the room. The underfloor heating allows for a comfortable atmosphere and ensures that you can make the most of your rooms without disturbing radiators.

In addition, an empty pipe for an air conditioning system was installed during the renovation. This gives you the option of keeping your home pleasantly cool when needed, ensuring an optimal indoor climate even on hot days. The empty piping allows an uncomplicated installation of an air conditioning system without the need for additional remodeling measures.

Furthermore, technological needs were considered during the renovation. Special empty pipes for WLAN and television were laid to enable you to integrate and use these devices smoothly. Thus, you are perfectly equipped to benefit from modern entertainment and communication technologies and to be networked at any time.

Overall, this renovation offers you a newly designed floor layout with the highest level of comfort, soundproofing and modern technology under a new beautiful herringbone parquet flooring. You can look forward to a quiet living environment, comfortable warmth from the underfloor heating, and the flexibility of pre-installed empty ductwork for air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and television. This renovation allows you to customize your home according to your individual needs and offers you a modern and luxurious living experience.

There is currently no elevator, but already a submission planning for the installation of a lift, which has been coordinated with the building authority and can be submitted after signature of all co-owners.

The unobstructable view is undoubtedly another highlight of this exceptional property. From the living room you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Whether you are looking at a historic building across the street, the beautiful Ringstrasse, many green trees or the picturesque Vienna River, this apartment offers you an unparalleled perspective of the city's action.

The location of this apartment is absolutely prime and a rarity. It is located in a coveted prime location that is appreciated by the Viennese and visitors alike. From here you have direct access to the city's best restaurants, cafes, stores and cultural attractions. The vibrant city life is at your feet, while you can still enjoy the peace and privacy of an exclusive apartment.

This old building apartment is a true rarity that is hard to find today. It offers you a unique retreat that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. Experience the incomparable charm of Viennese architecture while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of modern living.

Two garage spaces have been leased in the building directly across the street especially for this apartment. These leases can be taken over optionally. Furthermore, there is also a membership in the exclusive spa, wellness and fitness area of the Hotel Kampinski, which can also be taken over.

In short, this old building apartment in the heart of Vienna is a unique combination of historical flair, impressive room heights, unobstructable views and an absolute top location. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience a piece of Viennese history in a luxurious living environment.


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Energy Performance Certificate

  • Annual thermal energy index C, 65.63 kWh/m2a
  • Energy efficiency rating C, 1.61

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  • 1210 Wien,Floridsdorf

  • 8552 Eibiswald
  • €188,100.00 - €188,100.00

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