Hotel for Conversion to Investor Apartments Is for Sale

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Aparthotel Conversion

The former Hotel Widderstein in Schröcken-Neßlegg is among the top addresses at Arlberg.

Thanks to its panoramic location, it offers a fantastic 360° view of the surrounding peaks. Its peaceful location at the crossroads of hiking trails and ski slopes is especially advantageous.

After renovation, the building will become one of the most exclusive apartment addresses at Arlberg. The special atmosphere of the house, its coziness, and hospitality will be preserved. Through a clever reorganization and a revised concept of the interior, the surrounding mountain world will be integrated into the extraordinary ambiance.

This creates a "homely" combination of cozy living with a lot of privacy and the nearby mountains, forests, and peaks.

The Aparthotel Widderstein offers an exceptional opportunity to invest in a high-quality real estate project in one of Austria's most attractive areas.

With its comprehensive offering, the already completed and planned development, it presents an attractive option for investors looking for a business with high potential.

Location and Land Register Data:

Aparthotel Widderstein, located in idyllic Schröcken, near Lech.

The property is registered in the land register KG 91017 Schröcken, EZ 164, Gst.-Nr. 29/1 on a plot of 920 m².

Property Description:

The Aparthotel Widderstein extends over a usable area of approximately 720 m² and includes:

10 investor apartments with personal use, totaling 40 beds: The living spaces are approximately 45-65 m² with balconies. The projected revenues from the sale of these apartments are over EUR 9 million.

Restaurant: With 210 indoor and 60 outdoor seats on the terrace, a fully equipped kitchen, and the potential as an all-day dining operation, the restaurant promises an estimated annual revenue of approximately EUR 2 million. It serves hotel and après-ski guests as well as excursionists. Additional facilities: A reception for apartment guests, a bar and lounge area with a fireplace. Current State:

The property is construction approved, and the facade renovation with wood paneling has been completed.

Operational Concept:

The Aparthotel Widderstein could be considered an integral part of the "The Heimat" complex, which includes, besides the aparthotel, a hotel with 137 rooms and 40 apartments. While the residential complex The Heimat has already been completed and most of the apartments have been sold, the hotel is still in shell condition.

After the project development of the Aparthotel Widderstein, the sale of the investor apartments is planned.

There is the possibility to manage the operation yourself or to lease the management of the tourist apartments and the restaurant business after the hotel opening to the operator of "The Heimat" hotel.

Purchase Price and Investment:

The purchase price in the current state is € 4,500,000. The indicative investment until completion amounts to an additional € 6,000,000.

This property is offered commission-free for the buyer.

Please note that there is a close familial or economic relationship between the broker and the client.

The agent acts as a double broker.


  • hotel / restaurant
  • outdoor terrace
  • parking-uncovered
  • bricks & concrete
  • wood
  • mountain view

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